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Fight Night Round 4 title fight

EA Sports' Fight Night Round 4

Fight Night Round 4 featured multiple footspeeds and intuitive controls and you don't even have to toggle to slide to the outside and stab with the jab.

Loose and tight foot movement was in Fight Night Round 4 this whole time!? 

And you don’t even have to toggle to slide to the outside and stab with the jab. You just have to know how to use the left stick.

How To Walk In Fight Night Round 4

To take smaller steps, move the left stick in any direction. The trick to stepping is the pressure you use on the stick, not the duration. Carefully positioning yourself so that head movement puts you just outside an opponents range can give you the ability to quickly switch from defense to offense, but you can only do that if you control your feet. 

How To Dash In Fight Night Round 4

If you need to take a quick sidestep or dash in and out, you can tap/flick the left stick instead of holding any direction.

Sugar Ray Robinson was one of the greatest fighters that ever lived.
Sugar Ray Robinson had impeccable foot mobility

Sugar Ray Robinson used just about every type of foot movement to pepper Jake Lamotta with a jab from range while using his quick feet to stay away from danger in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

How To Run In Fight Night Round 4

To move at full speed, hold the stick all the way in any direction, but galloping makes controlling  your momentum much more difficult. 

How To Outbox An Opponent In Fight Night Round 4

Smooth outboxing takes the right fighter, the right training, and practice. You’ll need good foot speed, but you’ll only be at top speed for short bursts. You’ll need a good jab, but not a necessarily devastating cross. Most importantly, you’ll need to know how to stay off the ropes and clinch when necessary.

EA never included a real tutorial explaining the subtleties of their physics engine and how it governs things like foot speed.

Was EA Sports’ Fight Night Round 4 too difficult not to come with a strategy guide? Let us know in the comments below if you think even a great game can fail if nobody figures out how to play it.

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