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Towering Inferno Falls To Brian Mendoza

Sebastian Fundora knocked out by Brian Mendoza

via Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

While losing isn't always the end of the world for a professional prizefighter, a loss can be costly and bad for a career in the short term.

Freakishly tall junior middleweight loses his 0

Sebastian Fundora 20(13)-1-0 lost in a devastating 7th round knockout to Brian Mendoza at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California on Saturday. Mendoza improves to 22(16)-2-0 in a shock upset after overcoming the 6’5″ giant. Fundora’s height proved insufficient to stifle the tough Mendoza, who eventually got inside and landed a pinpoint left hook.

Fundora’s legs buckled as he struggled to hold his lanky frame upright after the hook. Unfortunately for him, Mendoza didn’t hesitate when he detected this weakness and immediately pounced with a haymaker overhand right to erase Fundora’s will to compete. As the Towering Inferno lie crumpled on the canvas, he appeared to be conscious but unable to climb up from the canvas. He was obviously hurt pretty badly and couldn’t continue, but thankfully appears to be healthy and ok.

What’s Next For Sebastian Fundora?

While losing isn’t the end of the world for a professional prizefighter, a loss can be costly and bad for your career. Losing this fight in such a devastating fashion could hurt Fundora’s marketability and even make negotiations for his next fight more difficult for his team. There aren’t very many 6’5″ junior middleweights, meaning it’s usually difficult for other fighters to prepare for a fight against Fundora. But if the extreme height isn’t something that world class fighters can’t overcome, it’s tough to predict exactly where Fundora might land after this fall. Many fighters struggle against larger opponents, as did every other one of Fundora’s. Today, the wiliness of Mendoza was too much for he Towering Inferno.

Does Sebastian Fundora need to head back to the drawing board? Let us know in the comments if you think tall fighters should know how to use their height.

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