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Tank Davis Next Fight Against Ryan Garcia

Tank Davis vs. Ryan Garcia
While Tank has been more active than Garcia, both fighters are on knockout streaks. Each appears to be approaching his physical prime.

Davis vs. Garcia described by Golden Boy as “megafight.”

After years of fan interest and speculation, finally, Gervonta “Tank” Davis 28(26)-0-0 will put his undefeated record on the line in his 14th Showtime appearance against Ryan Garcia on April 22nd, 2023 at the T-Mobile Arena. The lightweight clash appears perfectly timed to capitalize on fan interest in both fighters.

Tank, a five time champion in three different weight classes, is still very fresh in the minds of fight fans off an impressive stoppage victory over Hector Luis Garcia.

In his upcoming bout, he gives up several inches in height and reach to Ryan Garcia. Davis is consistently the smaller man in the ring and should be comfortable with the disadvantage. Paradoxically, Davis also almost always has the power advantage, along with his apparent size disadvantage.

How Tall Is Gervonta Davis?

As the two faced off at the press conference, the difference in their dimensions became obvious. Ryan Garcia stands 5’10” with a 71″ reach, whereas Tank Davis stands 5’5″ and has a 67″ reach.

Aside from his physical dimensions, Garcia is known for his exceptional hand speed. Despite a few stubbornly persistent flaws in his technique, he has a powerful and accurate left hook.

Ryan Garcia Mental Health

While Tank has been more active than Garcia, both fighters are on knockout streaks. Each appears to be approaching his physical prime. But while there’s been public speculation pertaining to the appearance of Garcia’s body changing so significantly since he first called out Davis, Tank’s physical appearance is pretty much the same. We’ve had more of an opportunity to see his skills lately than Garcia, so it’s difficult to predict if his skills have grown or atrophied since his last fight against Javier Fortuna on July 16th, 2022.

Ryan Garcia knocked down by Luke Campbell
Ryan Garcia knocked down

Despite official support from major sanctioning bodies, Garcia has faced mixed reactions from fight fans for his time out of the ring. While some have applauded him for prioritizing his mental health over the demands of business, others point to mental strength being traditionally viewed as merely another factor in the fight game.

Many say the determination to train and stay active is just as important, if not more so, than merely having the will to succeed on fight night. Mike Tyson used to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to train harder than his opponents. Anyone that’s had to adjust their sleep schedule knows that mental strength is definitely a factor in whether you’ll actually get up when planned. Sure, the body needs rest, but most people want more comfort than they need.

Therein lies the nebulous uncertainty; the boxing public still can’t be sure if Ryan Garcia’s mental health vacations, his notoriously unrealistic callouts of fighters far beyond his level, and the strange toleration of this behavior by the WBC should warrant skepticism or forgiveness.

How Do I Watch Gervonta Davis Next Fight?

Although Eddie Hearn famously vowed to replace PPV with a subscription based service, DAZN now offers pay-per-view. Tank Davis vs. Ryan Garcia will be available on Showtime PPV (US) and DAZN Global (UK).

Watch the Tank Davis vs. Ryan Garcia L.A. Press Conference at 3pm.

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