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LX Dark Sniper DEFEATS Troll In Boxing Video Game Grudge Match

Boxing video game Fight Night

Size is important, but skills pay the bills.

...if the rematch fee was used to create fight purses, a 2 way split might be a great incentive to get Maxwell back into the ring.

Despite a massive size disadvantage, LX DarkSniper bullied Frost to a unanimous decision

@LXDarkSniper 892(444)-105-0 (Marciano) faced @danielmaxwell127 1512(1095)-211-0 (Frost) on an unusual EA PPV main event card at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington on March 22, 2023. According to Sniper, Maxwell has been running his mouth, talking loud in the audience about how much better he is. This has apparently been going on for years, as the boxing video game metaverse has struggled to coalesce amid delays and setbacks of the latest game designer, Steel City Interactive. eBoxing is still a Fight Night affair; there have been a few intermittent challengers to the boxing video game throne, but Fight Night still reigns supreme as all others have faded.

And like any old champion, Fight Night Champion has been limited by its age. Still, it outperforms all others.

LX DarkSniper vs. danielmaxwell127 rematch

Fight Night Grudge Match

Despite the massive size disadvantage that’s become apparent by Round 1, Marciano takes center ring and quickly establishes his dominance. The lumbering Frost retreats to the ropes, seemingly content to find his range with the 76″ reach. But that’s not immediately useful for Frost, as he was eventually cornered by the aggressive Marciano and dropped in the first round.

boxing video game Fight Night Marciano lands a left hook to the head of Frost.

Round 2 is filled with more careful footwork by the lumbering Frost. Marciano presses the action and corners the larger opponent in the corner again, but also takes a few sparse counters on the way in.

Frost starts to show more versatility in Round 3, doubling up on the left hand and using his defense effectively. Marciano starts to show signs of fatigue, but clearly wins the round.

Marciano’s Legendary Work Ethic

In Fight Night Round 4 Marciano lands some really heavy shots. A cut opens over the left eye of Frost and starts leaking blood down his cheek. It seems to bother him. Marciano presses the action, and his effective aggression leads to a fascinating counter punch sequence.

Frost gets more aggressive in Round 5, throwing lots of combinations and stepping forward. Marciano seems more content to trade at times, but still show slick counters when he wants to.

Frost starts looking a little gun shy. The damage to the left eye is starting to get worse and his output is decreasing. There’s a conspicuous lack of a jab from Frost as he steps away from Marciano’s wild uppercuts. 

And after the first minute of Round 6, the two just…stop fighting. Frost leans against the ropes in the neutral corner as Marciano watches. This goes on for a while before they crash back into each other. The action is becoming increasingly bazaar.

The fight starts heating up in Round 7 as each has lost a little steam momentarily. Frost eventually abandons the fight entirely, resting against the ropes a la Anthony Joshua. The referee allows this mid round breather, and eventually the fight resumes.

boxing video game Fight Night Marciano uppercuts Frost
Marciano lands a damaging uppercut under the jab of Frost.

Frost drops Marciano with a beautifully timed right hand to the temple. Despite re-establishing dominance immediately when he got back up, Marciano now has a cut under the left eye. Still, Marciano’s uppercut starts finding its home. He lands a big one and drops Frost.

In Round 10 Frost finally began to finally show urgency, but by then it was too little, too late.

Sniper vs. Maxwell Rematch

Post fight, LX Dark Sniper extended a rematch invitation to his longtime rival. The rest of the details of the fight stipulations are still unclear at this point, but Maxwell will at least have to pay a $10k rematch fee to get back in the ring for a chance at redemption. There’s plenty of fan interest in a runback of the fight, but it’s yet to be seen whether Maxwell believes in himself enough to take up the challenge.

At this point there’s not much incentive for Maxwell to want another fight. He campaigned for over a year to get his shot at Sniper only to take a sound beating in the first fight. If a year of preparation yielded a loss, it’s unlikely that he’d do much better in a rematch; even if he spends the $10k and wins, he’s still lost $10k just to get the rematch. If he spends the $10k for the rematch and loses, he’ll surely be forced into retirement.

But if the rematch fee was used to create fight purses, a 2 way split might be a great incentive to get Maxwell back into the ring.

Do you want to see the rematch? Let us know in the comments below if Maxwell should pay the fee and sign for a redemption fight.

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