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Jarrell Big Baby Miller Is Back

“We all know for a fact that AJ don’t want no smoke with Deontay!”

Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller was electrifying in the press conference at Wembley Arena in London ahead of the most anticipated supercard in the sport of boxing. It includes Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder. It’s going to have Joseph Parker, Otto Wallin, Dmitri Bivol, among others.

But let’s not forget the incendiary Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller. Eddie Hearn, who is no stranger to horribly aging declarations, who’d once sworn that Jarell Miller would never fight again, now sat opposite him on the same stage. The significance of the moment was punctuated by the outlandish, yet utterly appropriate antics of Miller.

An American Nightmare

Aside from verbally forcing Daniel Dubois to his rhetorical knees with an onslaught of uncontested insults, Miller fired shots at Joshua, Parker. He even dared an unkind word or two toward Wilder, although he did acknowledge that the two feared heavyweights were the only Americans on the card. Aside from this temporary alliance with The Bronze Bomber, Jarrell Miller was an absolute loose cannon on the stage, taking to the role of villain like a dove to the sky. 

And it’s a good thing he was. His opponent in his return fight is Daniel Dubois, who, likely caught off guard by the brash American, had to literally be goaded into response by his handlers. And whether he thought it was the classy thing to do or not, he just couldn’t summon the cojones to engage Miller in any meaningful way. After one of Miller’s particularly barbed verbal assaults, poor Daniel had to be literally asked, “So…do you have anything to say to that, Daniel?” 

After a few seconds, and then a few more, Dubois dryly replied: “Not really,” with the most British accent the average American could possibly imagine. Instant classic.

Miller’s Gambit

But Miller didn’t stop there. Nimbly ruffling the feathers of anyone he detected any weakness in, he found it necessary to expose something that many fight fans have already suspected for a long time. Throughout Miller’s inexhaustible verbal onslaught, he eventually flung back the curtain and laid bare the ugly secret that Eddie Hearn has been trying to hide for over 5 years now.

“I tell you one thing though,” Miller started from behind his designer shades on the top right corner of the stage. “We all know for a fact that AJ don’t want no smoke with Deontay!” Joshua responded audibly, but the fighters onstage seemed to agree in the sentiment shared by Big Baby. Wilder was spotted flashing a big smile onstage. Regardless of the respect he showed to his possible future opponent, Wilder has seemingly given Joshua nightmares for years. By now, Wilder mentioned in his own thoughtful comments at the press conference, he’s aware of the psychological effect his power has over people. 

The way it’s described by some, being in the ring with Wilder is like being in the presence of some destructive force, with the godlike ability to imagine destruction and immediately compose it, regardless of resistance. So it’s no wonder why Miller showed Wilder appropriate respect, even throughout the brilliant show he put on at the press conference.

“As much as I don’t like Deontay,” Miller went on, “I know Deontay will put that muhfucker in the grave. So let’s make it easy.” He turned to Joshua. “I’ll make it easy for you:

“Either you fight Deontay, and go to the grave, or you fight me, and go to the hospital. Either way, you get your ass whooped. Pick your poison!”

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