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Floyd “Money” Mayweather SPEAKS On Crawford vs. Spence

Floyd Speaks On Spence
Crawford vs. Spence was a highly anticipated fight between two elite, superstar boxers that still generates plenty of post-fight analysis.

Floyd Mayweather recently gave an interview with to discuss last Saturday’s  historic boxing match between former unified welterweight champion and superstar boxer 28-1 Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. and the current undisputed welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford.

Crawford vs. Spence, having been such a highly anticipated fight that exceeded viewing traffic expectations, generates plenty of post-fight analysis. It’s only natural that the Michigan phenom would weigh in.

Before the questions started, in true Mayweather fashion, Floyd implored the host to get a shot of the beautiful floral chandelier in the foyer of his gigantic mansion.

Floyd Money Mayweather chandelier

During the brief interview, Floyd touched on a number of interesting points. The host asked some questions about the fight itself, and weighed in on what he thinks Spence should do next.

Mayweather vs. Corrales

Floyd also briefly discussed his January 20th, 2001 WBC super featherweight title bout with the late Diego Corrales. Floyd, despite being the much smaller of the two fighters, dismantled Diego with superior foot mobility, power, and hand speed. Mayweather took apart Corrales’ reputation as a fighter that night, but you’d never know the two were ever anything more than dear friends by the way he describes the late Corrales now.

In fact, in contrast to the Pretty Boy Floyd persona that rocketed him to superstardom throughout his professional prizefighting career, Mayweather was the consummate professional, always friendly, warm and inviting. If you’ve been away from social media and didn’t witness the transformation in real time, the contrast is almost unbelievable.

Floyd went on to debunk some of the comparisons between the Crawford vs. Spence match and the shocking display of virtuosity he displayed in his systematic destruction of then undefeated lightweight bruiser Diego Corrales.

via Top Rank

“Diego Corrales was the boogeyman of the division. When me and Diego Corrales fought,” Floyd thoughtfully recalled, “he was considered the boogeyman.” 

“I don’t know how Diego Corrales’ training camp went, but you know I always come ready to rock and roll. And as you can see from the opening bell, Diego Corrales was on my ass!”

Corrales carried a significant size advantage and stalked the fleet-footed Floyd all across the ring. Mayweather stayed just out of range of Corrales’ power the entire fight, using jabs, straights and hooks to tattoo Corrales on the move. It’s hard to say if Floyd took a single punch in that fight.

“So of course, I had to make sure my legs were in top condition, make sure my defense was good, and I was throwing combinations all throughout the fight. I was in my 20’s, he was in his 20’s. It was totally different.”

Crawford vs. Spence

“But with these two guys fighting, I can’t really speak on it. I don’t really want to speak on that fight because I don’t want to take anything away from Terence Crawford or Errol Spence Jr.”

Hilariously, Floyd waited until about 13 minutes into the interview to make this admission.

“I can dance around talking about the fight,” he continued, “but I would never badmouth these fighters that get in there and put it all on the line to take care of their famlies, to take care of their friends. And they got a team that’s behind them. Both of those guys went out there, and they did what they had to do, and the best man won.”

Mayweather then went on to mention his and Errol’s mutual affiliation with PBC and Al Haymon.

“I want the best for Errol Spence. If I was training him, or, I was in his corner, I don’t think he should be fighting at 147. At all. I don’t even think he should be fighting at 154. I think he should be fighting at 160, or 168. That’s just my honest opinion.”

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