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ESBC “Undisputed” Boxing Game Release Date Extended

ESBC boxing game roster unrecognizeable in low resolution released image

Everything You Need To Know About The New Boxing Video Game 2022 Might Not Get

To the applause of fight fans worldwide, Steel City Interactive embarked on a quest years ago. They laid out their goal clearly and plainly; to bring back and revolutionise the boxing game experience with a focus on simulation. Somehow, it’s still seemingly a bad time for video game boxing.

The Scheffield group has set forth ambitious objectives to bring about their promises, successfully procuring the likenesses of an impressive number of professional fighters. Playing as a famous fighter who has already carved out a legendary path is exciting once in a while, but really only a fraction of the possible avenues of enjoyment in a game marketed to true boxing fans. The ESBC boxing game roster might be taking the lion’s share of funding, while actual gameplay and graphics appear to suffer from the looks of Steel City Interactive’s coordinated social media releases.

The tried and bruised strategy of releasing snippets of gameplay has faltered multiple times, but it still seems a viable route for the time being. Twitter users are venting their frustration at a seeming lack of innovation past previous boxing video games:

ESBC boxing game roster unrecognizeable in low resolution released image

This user isn’t wrong; the high resolution still images Steel City Interactive has been releasing to maintain interest in their project look great, but also look nothing like the fighters in the clips of gameplay that the audience has been shown. The first few times this was witnessed, it was barely noticed, and even eventually tolerated.

Undisputed boxing game footage is lackluster and disappointing

But with seemingly no improvement to actual gameplay, or even gameplay footage shown in the past years of developer promises, the patience of fans of boxing video games is starting to wear thin.

ESBC undisputed comments

In fact, ESBC Undisputed hopefuls have been complaining so long about the lack of a solid release date that there’s now a new group of people complaining that there are people complaining that it’s taking so long.

Why are fans of the Undisputed boxing game complaining?

2 Years of ESBC boxing game release delays

There are lots of reasons, apparently:

ESBC Undisputed keeps getting worse and worse

but probably most disturbingly of all:

undisputed boxing game graphics look worse and worse

The one thing consistently echoed among fight fans is the ESBC Undisputed release date. 
Every time there’s a full round boxing gameplay release from Steel City Interactive, it’s been met with mixed reviews. Some people are so starved for new boxing video game content they’re seemingly willing to try just about anything to scratch the eleven year itch:

a boxing video game fan just wants a new game

But most are so disappointed that they have to keep playing Fight Night Champion while waiting for ESBC Undisputed that their suspicions of failure are starting to finally boiling over.

esbc undisputed boxing game release ragdoll physics

So When Is ESBC Undisputed Really Coming Out?

No one knows, but BBM Staff does find obligation to advise that the audience doesn’t hold its breath. While you’re waiting for Steel City Interactive to fess up and and make what seems to be the inevitable announcement of cancellation, check out some available boxing video games 2022 has to offer.

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