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Devin Haney Corners Vasiliy Lomachenko

Devin Haney Undisputed Lightweight Champion

Devin Haney, Undisputed Lightweight Champion

Lomachenko was famously offered a title fight in his second pro bout against Orlando Salido which he lost. But this didn't remove the media's pro-machenko bias.

Unidisputed Haney finally set to face Lomachenko after calling for the fight for years

Devin Haney defends his WBA, WBO, IBF and Ring Magazine belts against Vasiliy Lomachenko on May 20th, 2023. Haney, who is the current undisputed lightweight champion of the Ring, WBA, and WBC, will defend his four world titles against former unified champion Lomachenko.

Although both fighters are considered highly skilled in their own ways, Haney is the favorite among fight fans. Haney has an impressive record of 29-0 and puts that undefeated record on the line. Many believe it’s not much of a risk for Haney, as he’s called for a fight with the Ukrainian for years. A former champion himself, Lomachenko has had sufficient opportunity to fight Haney before. But somehow, the megafight between the two superstar boxers never solidified when Lomachenko’s team had the leverage to make it happen.

Lomachenko is among many current fighters who choose easier fights to preserve themselves and their careers. It’s understandable; why work hard when you can make work easy? But the machinations resulting from this mentality, although admirable in many lines of work, are shameful tactics in the sport of boxing. Loma, and other fighters whose teams avoid the most difficult fights in leiu of guaranteed victories, causes fight fans to miss some of the truly spectacular matchups in the sport.

But luckily, on May 20th, Devin Haney, undisputed lightweight champion, finally sets the record straight.

Loma’s Last Stand

Lomachenko has a record of 15-2 and is looking to regain the spotlight after suffering two losses so far in a pampered professional career. Lomachenko was famously offered a title fight in his second pro bout against Orlando Salido, which he lost. But this didn’t remove the media’s pro-machenko bias.

Vasiliy Lomachenko Bob Arum

Professional prizefighters usually have to be perfect, at least as far as their record, for at least their first 10-15 fights before they get the chance to become a contender. The fact the Lomachenko was offered two title shots in his first two fights was an unprecedented slap in the face to every other fighter to lace ’em up.

Do you think Lomachenko had an easy professional career compared to Devin Haney? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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