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Broner Withdraws From Comeback Fight

adrien broner defeated paulie malignaggi on June 22 2013
Adrien Broner isn't the only fighter to pull out of a fight due to mental health issues recently.

Lipinets To Face Omar Figueroa Jr.

Adrien Broner 34(24)-4-1 has announced that he has withdrawn from his fight against Omar Figueroa Jr. 28(19)-2-1 citing mental health issues. This is just the most recent of an increasing number of fighters who have chosen to bow out of the spotlight temporarily in support of their own personal lives and mental health. Although those that suffer and fight through the turmoil, such as Errol Spence Jr., who survived a horrific car accident, and Danny Garcia, who battled his own demons in the shadow of his first professional defeat, are lauded appropriately, those that opt to take a break are still usually accepted as humans, and appreciated for the warriors they’ve proven themselves to be.

But sometimes, there’s a little intolereance for mental health issues. Omar Figueroa Jr. demonstrated that he had no remaining patience for Broner, or his mental health, lashing out on twitter to the delight of some fans, and the chagrin of others.

omar figueroa jr. says broner is lying about mental health issues

The Figueroa camp has been transparent about having sought a fight for him against Broner, using the incentive of a showdown with the superstar as motivation for their fighter to put in the necessary work in training camps for years. Coming this close to his dream fight, only to have his opponent pull out the week of the fight is clearly frustrating for Omar Figueroa Jr.

Stepping in to the fill the gap is 16(12)-2-0 veteran Sergey “Samurai” Lipinets, off a 6th round KO loss to Jarron Ennis on April 11, 2021.

According to has fans and supportors, Adrien “The Problem” Broner has exhibited signs that he’s been in mental health crises before. His instagram feed has featured provocative messaging from the former super lightweight world champion, giving even devout followers the impression that Broner has struggled with serious problems in the past. While Broner has always put on entertaining fights, he hasn’t always performed to what his fans believe is his true potential as a fighter. Mental health issues might have played a more significant part in Broner’s previous struggles than publicly acknowledged.

Mental Health And Boxing

Adrien Broner isn’t the only fighter to pull out of a fight due to mental health issues recently. Most recently, Ryan Garcia retreated to an island vacation due to the crushing burden of his own mental health struggles, forcing him to step away from yet another opportunity to negotiate a fight in earnest with Gervonta “Tank” Davis. While some still think that Ryan Garcia’s appearance on HotBoxin’ With Mike Tyson was at least a little choreographed, it’s undeniable that Garcia’s media notoriety grew sharply as a direct result of his antics. After scoring an endorsement deal with Gatorade, Garcia disappeared to a distant, tropical location, far from the troubles he’d almost caused himself with Davis.

Despite their hulking size, even heavyweight boxers struggle with mental health problems. Oliver McCall suffered an emotional break while in the ring against Lennox Lewis, and was unable to defend himself, forcing an unusual halt to the bout. Tyson Fury famously deteriorated into a bald, drunk, arguing mess after beating Vladimir Klitschko. There’s still speculation as to whether Andrew Golota lost it against Riddick “Big Daddy” Bowe in their two fights, which might’ve been what led to his completely inexcuseable flagrant fouls and disqualifications.

The Dangers Of Boxing

Professional boxing has certain safeguards in place to protect the fighters stepping into the ring. Performance enhancing drugs can give fighters dangerous and unfair advantages, tampered equipment can cause permanent, life-threatening injuries, and sanctioning bodies are the typically agreed parties to ensure that there’s no hidden advantages. But even with appropriate preparations that can only be provided by professional sanctioned fights, there are still serious injuries and deaths in the sport every year. Some of the most exciting fighters and hopeful prospects alike have had their careers completely derailed, and their lives changed, by unfortunate injuries sustained in the squared circle.

Any person unable to guarantee their own ability to defend themselves at all times should stay far away from the boxing ring. Time will tell if Adrien “The Problem” Broner re-emerges to claim pugilistic glory once more.

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